Kristen Schill


Kristin Schill is an Associate Scientist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Food Research Institute (FRI). Kristin works with the food industry to design food challenge studies on a wide variety of food products. Prior to joining FRI, Kristin served as a research microbiologist for the FDA in Bedford Park, IL and her research portfolio encompassed projects involving the genetic characterization of Clostridium botulinum and related surrogate organisms, development and validation of botulinum neurotoxin detection methods, evaluation of thermal and nonthermal technologies for the inactivation of C. botulinum spores as well as whole genome, metagenomic and transcriptomic sequencing of several foodborne pathogens. Kristin has been a member of IAFP since 2005 and has actively participated by presenting her research, organizing symposia, and serving as a judge for the developing scientist award. Kristin has received certification for the Better Process Cheese School and completed the Reviewing Microbial Challenge Studies for Regulatory Purposes workshop. Kristin earned her Bachelor of Science degree (Microbiology) and Master of Science degree (Food Science) at Iowa State University and her Ph.D. (Food Science) at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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